25 February 2018

Flashpost Test

So I'm stuck at home left to my own devices haha!

I've just found out  that I can actually compose an email and it will post on the blog/!
( yeah I can be a bit behind sometimes 😅 )

I think that's kind of cool as there are times when I'm out and about and think " Now that would make a good blog post!"

But by the time I get back home and remember I lose enthusiasm. 😞

So this is just a test to see how it works. Fingers crossed!

2 February 2018

GoodReads Review

The Postcard Killers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Got this Audio book on CD from a Charity shop about 3 years ago.
I've been listening for an hour every night before bed on my MP3 player and I've been gripped.
3 narrators, two male and one female which made it easy to listen to.
There is a bit of sex but nothing too sleazy or in depth.
And although it's about murderers, there wasn't too much graphic detail, just enough to give you the idea of what happened.
I'd recommend it to anyone over 18.

30 April 2017

The clearing of Plot 69 Part One

Hi everyone!,

Here are some pictures of what Plot 69 looked like and some of the work we have done. :)

Here is Day 1.

Clearing rubbish around the shed, we found a path.

Piling up the rubbish.

Amongst the rubbish we found an empty composting bin so we made some space and gave it a new home.

We also found a water butt to collect rainwater and lots of branches we can use.

Finished for the day but it's looking a lot tidier already :)