30 June 2012

Update on life our house

Well June came and went & what a wet month it was!

We had weather warnings for most of the month, and some local areas suffered flooding.
We had the wettest drought on record!

Our Youngest did her GSCE final exams and is now awaiting August 23rd with anticipation for results day.
Im sure she's done really well as we helped with her revising the best we could and the Teaching staff were really supportive.
She's already recieved her letter from the college she applied to, saying that there is a place for her, the date of enrolment & also a Summer Assignment.
It's not a big assignment, just a postcard designed by her, with the theme About Me. Which I think is a fantastic idea!
Our eldest has finished her first year at University where she's taking a Foundation Degree in Graphics & E-Media.,br> She's also been in touch with The Princes Trust, for advice on help setting up her own business and becoming a freelance Graphic Designer.
MrM has been a busy bee in the garden when he can, keeping it tidy and looking after my Fuschias for me :p

Aren't they beautiful!!
Not bad for saying they were only an inch high when I bought them from Tesco in May. As for me, Ive been knitting as and when I can.
I bought the June issue of Let's Knit magazine and our Eldest instantly fell in love with the toy pattern inside.
Here is Maud the Unicorn:
I made one for her friend too, who is waiting patiently with Maud 1 for collection. And onto July....