28 February 2013

Granny A Day February

Hi there!
I've got all of February's squares done...and a few more.
It's so addictive & sometimes when I'm engrossed into the TV, crocheting away, I end up with more than one. But they won't go to waste ;-)

I did run out of the cream coloured wool I'm using to do the outside, so I was just crocheting the coloured centres,but a quick visit to my LYS solved that & I can carry on.

I find crocheting so relaxing when I've come up against a hard knitting pattern, or even lost my knitting mojo.

These squares are a bit darker than January's, which is one of the reasons they're not joined together.
I'm fussy so I want to be able to lay them all out & choose which ones to pair together, although that part may probably take longer than actually making the squares *lol*

How are you getting on with your GrannyADay project? Or any other crochet project you have on your hook?