24 June 2013

Getting Back On Track

Hi Everyone!

Thankfully things are getting back on track and I can update you all with my crafty projects.

If you remember this last post you'll know I mentioned two projects I was embarking on.

One was a knitting project, a cable cardigan for my other half called Northshore by Lion Brand Yarns.

I suffer a lot with concentration & memory which is why I usually choose patterns that I can memorise pretty easily and knit so this was quite a challenge for me.
Well after weeks of deep concentration and a few dropped stitches I got it finished.

As I was struggling with the triple cable inserts on the back ( I actually did it 5 times before I admitted defeat) I decided to reduce the stress levels by changing the pattern to one I could handle.
I kept the beginning & ending stitches as directed by the pattern then changed the centre 26sts that were meant to be cable to a simple Kint2Purl2 rib.
Here you can see the completed back.

Doesn't look too bad.

I found doing the fronts a lot easier as they only contained one cable pattern insert.
Here is a picture of the two front panels

And then so I could concentrate on the increases and decreases required on a sleeve, I chose the same pattern as I did for the back.

And here is hubby modelling the finished result. 

I'm pleased to say he loves it! Which is a huge relief as you can imagine. (Ignore the plastered hand, half an hour before I took this picture he cut his fingers on a glass as he was washing it.)

I do have to point out that the reason for changing the pattern is meant with no malice towards the designer.
I altered it simply to make it easy for me to complete.

Have you come across any projects where you've needed to change or alter them to suit your needs?

As for my Crochet project, that too is also finished!
Here is my Rippled Crochet Blanket sitting on my chair waiting for me to craft some more :)

I think I can safely say I've mastered the ripple stitch of crocheting. I really enjoyed learning a new stitch and seeing an end result.

And purely for yarn and stitch love here are a couple of close up pictures.

It has really brightened up my chair and makes my heart smile each time I walk in the room.

Have you made anything for your home?