27 April 2017

Starting to grow our own

After moving to a second floor flat in July 2014, we realised just how much we missed having a garden.
By no means did we miss the hard work to get it into shape every Spring. But just the joy of being able to sit outside on a cool summers evening, with a cool drink at the end of a busy day, or on a hot sweltering day ( which isn't very often in the UK)  sitting shaded under the gazebo, with the girls and their laptops, me with my current yarns project and MrM pottering around in the garden or the shed.

It was just by chance we were sat watching a program where a chap mentioned he had an allotment which, because he too lived in a flat, was also his garden. 
I had a sudden light bulb moment! We too could get an allotment so we again had a garden.
I researched on the local council website and found an allotment society not that far from us and applied. Two days later we received a phone call from a committee member inviting us to go and have a look at what they had to offer.
Here is the first plot. Number 69. Taken on the day we signed :) 

Fast forward to today and MrM is now Chairman and I am Vice Secretary on the committee. We have 3 plots in total and we are loving every steep learning curve. We eat better, we sleep better. You wouldn't believe that we are situated in the middle of a very busy housing estate as you walk through the large gate and into what we now call paradise!
It's so relaxing, once the digging etc is done. 
We have a patio surrounded by flowers where we can sit and relax. I have a very large greenhouse where all my baby seedlings are living, and will eventually be planted into the soft earth for growing. 
It doesn't matter what time of year it is, we spend most days there after doing our chores at home. Checking what is growing, fixing a bit of shed that may have come loose with the wind. Building compost bins to generate good clean nutritious soil for next years seeds.

Everyone is so friendly. We've made some good friends and acquaintances who have shared knowledge, seeds, tools and produce with us. And this year we're able to do the same in return.

So on these pages will be our gardening adventures. 
I will share any tips along the way with photographs to show how we're getting along. So I hope you'll visit regularly to see what we've been up to. :)