4 December 2018

A long but interesting year

As this year eventually comes to an end, I thought I’d write a post about what I’ve been up to.

My health hasn’t been brilliant. ☹️
Towards the latter part of last year, I found I struggled more and more with back pain and being able to walk.
I won’t go into too much detail, but after tests by both GP & Hospital Consultants it appears that I now have Arthritis in the discs of my back. The swelling of this is putting pressure on my spinal cord and nerves.
Hence the pain and ability to walk for any length of time. Standing still for more than a few minutes is excruciating.
It’s something I’ve got to learn to live with as the Arthritis ravages my body.
It’ll be managed with medications and doing what I can when I can.

This led to the decision, which was heartbreaking at the time, to give up our Allotment Plot.💔
There’s just no way I can help, dig, plant such a huge piece of land and I couldn’t expect MrM to do so much on his own.
We also came to the conclusion that so called “friends” we’d made on the site were nowhere to be seen when help was needed.😒
Which also saddened me quite a lot, when both MrM & myself had helped when possible to those who needed it.
But it’s now their loss as well as ours.
We have missed it, the planning, the harvesting of produce, and the relaxation we gained by having a little garden and being able to just sit and relax in the summer evenings.
(We live in a flat with no garden)

I have, though, been crocheting. I made a lovely blanket for our bed which I’ll write a post about at some point.
I’ve also tried to knit some socks! Finally! 😱 I know! It’s only taken me ....ummm....lost count of how many years I’ve said I wanted to try 😆
They’re not as daunting as I thought.
They didn’t turn out quite right, but I know how to do it now, and I’ll be attempting some more in the New Year.

So! That’s how my year has played out. I won’t be sorry to see 2018 go and greet 2019 with optimism for a good year.

Merry Christmas everyone! And I hope the coming holidays bring you much love and everything you want from Santa 😉

Ellie 🥰